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American Ventures is a Dikembe Mutombo-led investment fund committed to investing and developing industry and commercial opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Over the the past decade, American Ventures has used their extensive network and experience in the African and Middle Eastern marketplace to identify viable projects with significant growth potential.

American Ventures prides itself on a comprehensive approach to project evaluation. Through comprehensive research, analysis, and consultation with African industry leaders, as well as its own in-house expertise, the company is armed with the essential data needed to make informed decisions. This allows the firm to efficiently determine which projects and companies are most likely to increase its portfolio value in the long-term.

The firm’s in-depth research has established it as an important player in the Sub-Saharan African investment community, allowing it to identify opportunities that may not be accessible to other investors. This has allowed the fund to not only make profitable investments, but also to play an important role in contributing to the long-term economic development of African countries.

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American Ventures is dedicated to identifying and investing in long-term projects that promote sustainable regional growth and job growth. Whether it is investing in energy projects, communication infrastructure, or education, the fund’s commitment to strengthening the economic health of Sub-Saharan Africa is paramount. American Ventures endeavors to make a positive impact that will benefit generations to come.

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